The kitchen nook

Every morning I wake up, grab a up of coffee and sit at the kitchen nook. Aside from its fringe benefits of being within the confines of a gustatory plethora, it is the perfect place to reflect.

By now, I’m sure everyone knows how much I love Jakarta and how I consider it as home, so save the sentimental-emo thoughts, here are some things which have been squandering my mind.

  1. I love love love my blackberry. I think that everyone should get one because it’s so efficient, you’re essentially connected 24/7, and if you have friends who have a blackberry, texting is free—I have friends who have BB all the way in the states and i can text them free of charge. So friends please get a blackberry so I can lower my phone bill (but seriously get one for yourselves).
  2. MANCHESTER UNITED STOP FRICKING DRAWING. I used to tease Arsenal fans because they would never lose, but they always tied their games, but now Manchester United is experiencing the same thing—that’s two points dropped every game. Now we’re behind big spenders Chelsea and Manchester City, and tied with Arsenal. I guess I’m getting my karma for teasing those Gunners.
  3. Random but vegetables in Indonesia taste so much better. I would say that it is the mecca of vegetarians, because not only is it cheap, but there are so many types of vegetables, some i cannot even name.
  4. I love tofu and tempe (soybean patties). yum yum yum
  5. I cannot believe that I only have 3 semesters until I graduate, but aside from that I am very excited to step into the cut-throat corporate world
  6. My laptop is dying on me 😦 I’ve been using my brothers. I hope it does not die, me and my white-toshiba have had four awesome years together—we have been through a lot!
  7. BALI BALI BALI BALI BALI BALI. I’m so excited!



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