Did you know that now there are five different sizes of Coca Cola (plastic) bottles–250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, and 1.5 liters? With the health conscious phenomena heavily scrutinizing the sugar-loaded beverage industry, now there are even slim-mini Coke cans to promote portion and calorie control. So what am I getting at?

There was a time, about 35 years ago, when the dark brown sugary bubble only came out of 250ml glass bottles, and liter bottles were seen as a novelty.

The other day, I came across a cute little 250 ml Coca Cola plastic bottle for the first time, and upon squimmering of how cute I thought the miniature coke bottle was, my dad gave a slight giggle. And so he began his story, “you know when i was little….”

My dad would always tell me stories about his childhood, but this one was about something unexpected. My dad’s family used to own a mini mart (kind of like 7/11) in Tarlac, and he was telling me that during those days, the staple refreshment was coke–no Gatorade, no iced tea, no Sprite, on a hot sunny day, it was plain old Coca Cola.

One day, a new, bigger Coke bottle was released–a glass 1000ml bottle. While it was merely a glass bottle of Coke–but just bigger–my grandpa and my dad were so amazed that they made the long trip to Manila to purchase a few. It was as if they had to see the spectacle for them selves. When they returned to Tarlac, they didn’t even want to drink it, they merely displayed them along the glass window of the store. The odd thing was people would walk by the store to look at the huge coca cola bottle in awe—it was like an antique.

These days, our ‘liter glass coke bottle’ has become something as highly technological as the iPad. Human kind has progressed at such an exponential rate, there is no saying what else we can be in awe of. How much more capacity can our brains take? Is there really more than microchips and touch screen devices to discover? One thing is for sure, if there is nothing more to be in awe of, there is no point in living.

Carpe diem.


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