Slaughter in the clear

Following the UAAP deliberations on the Season 74 team rosters, Ateneo’s 7-foot stalwart, Greg Slaughter, finally got the nod to play; Rayray Parks’ debut however remains to be uncertain. If you ask me there was no doubt in my mind that Slaughter would be cleared, the eligibility issue was just a case of people trying … Continue reading


Two-weeks till tip-off

Try saying that five times quickly. As always the case when a season draws closer to opening day, controversy arises. The question of the eligibility of Greg Slaughter is one that occupies the bloggers’ sphere, search engines and basketball forums. Unfortunately, we won’t know the verdict until the UAAP board meets on June 28. Set … Continue reading


The first of many

The anticipation of getting the first Guidon issue of the year felt like Christmas all over again. Butterflies, excitement, and impatience, I felt like an angsty little kid ready to rip apart the wrapping paper. After hours of waiting, it finally came; though the wrapping paper was not at all aesthetic appealing, what laid underneath … Continue reading


The question of eligibility

Today, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, along with other several news sources, released an article questioning the eligibility of Greg Slaughter and Ray Ray Parks. It seems that the other UAAP schools are threatened by how well both recruits performed during the summer tournaments. The basis behind the questions of Slaughter’s eligibility is that the UAAP does … Continue reading