Red Team Tams

Team Tams are GOLDEN Vets and Virgins all aiming for glory. It may have been the first time playing together as a team, and for some the first time they had ever played touch rugby, but that was no obstacle to winning. With grit and grind, and a killer defensive line, Team Tams went undefeated … Continue reading


The Transformer

One center stage, endless possibilities. Ever wonder how The Madison Square Garden, The Staples Center, and The Air Canada Center can be homes to both NBA and NHL teams? Call me naive (or stupid) but I once thought that the basketball courts and the hockey rinks were two separate parts of the said complexes, but … Continue reading


We may think that it’s more fun in the Philippines but will others?

Streets bombarded with people, vendors, cars and pedi-cabs, honking endlessly marginally sliding through the traffic. Sights of poverty: slums  littered around the city; shirtless old men, women, children, approaching halted cars and foreigners, begging for loose change. Men sleeping on sidewalks dampened by cow dung. Children in rags running around, some swimming in polluted sewage … Continue reading


The Firm

It may take the style of 24, and may be an of shoot of John Grisham’s novel, but so far I have really enjoyed this series. With Homeland having just concluded its first season I needed a new show to give my fix of bad people (playing good) to hide a massive secret–and in true … Continue reading