James versus Phil. Everything you need to know

One of the most anticipated games of the year is coming up, here is everything that you should know about the Clear Dream Match.


Voting ends on August 8th. You can vote for your favorite football players as many times as you want (visit the voting site here). From the pool of 58, only 40 will be included in the draft, which will take place on August 11.

So far here are the top 17 players.

Football Clinic. You can join too. 

As well as the August 11 draft, there will also be a football clinic. Anyone can join, if you are 17 years old or older. Simply tweet why you want to join the clinic, and end the tweet with “I want to join the  #ClearDreamMatch clinic.” Don’t forget to use the hashtag.

Example: I have been playing football for 15 years and have always believed in Filipino football. I want to join the #cleardreammatch clinic

Save your seats. 

The game may be weeks away but you can already save your seats for the big match on August 25th. Tickets are free, but despite this you still need to print out a ticket to watch the game live. Go here to save your ticket.

Event details.

When: Saturday August 25th, 5:30 PM

Where: University of Makati Football Field


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