I love you, mom

I love you. Three simple words, when said from child to mother, brings joy to moms all over. And while it isn’t hard to say, or may not be said often, Toblerone asks everyone: when was the last time you said, “I love you mom?” It’s a striking question people don’t really think about. For … Continue reading

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Bacolor Church

Just like every other Catholic in the Philippines, I did the “visit seven churches” thing with my family. We visited seven churches in Pampanga including some well known churches such as the Betis Church. Though I have heard a lot about the Betis church, I thought that it paled in comparison to the Bacolor Church, which I thought … Continue reading


The Real World

High school was a blast. College was a phase. The real world is an adventure. Shit just got real–i’m no longer planning events with no execution, creating mock PR plans just cause, or presenting a campaign for a grade. Feels good to be doing something for an actual purpose. Bye bye college, sorry but I … Continue reading