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The Cake Club

The Cake Club

The Cake Club—due to the nature of its name, the immediate impression is “Ah, a place for dessert-lovers.”  But, a sweet tooth is not required to enjoy the club. This restaurant situated on the newest wing of Bonifacio High Street may be big on cakes and ice cream, but there’s more to it than a … Continue reading


I love you, mom

I love you. Three simple words, when said from child to mother, brings joy to moms all over. And while it isn’t hard to say, or may not be said often, Toblerone asks everyone: when was the last time you said, “I love you mom?” It’s a striking question people don’t really think about. For … Continue reading

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Hoop Dreams

This is by far the best documentary I have ever seen (notice how I didn’t merely classify it as a sports documentary). Though basketball is its main premise, it is more than that; it depicts the realities of life and the struggles that families go through just to make ends meet, but more importantly it … Continue reading